Welcome To Wuffle Blog!

Hey there will be nothing to do here. But i love making a Shitpost Videos on youtube Maybe you want to take a look my several videos. and im asking your opinion of my videos about it and how the quality, yeah its kinda sad because its shitpost duh, what do you expect?! xD But anyway i have a second website, sort of like landing page about me and my presence there. if you have suggest and feel free to contact me on my serveral network platform. After several days thinking what the best and to do about my channel and blog i decided not blog on neocities because yeah neocities doesnt support FTP kinda things its complicated for me to change and upload from browser for reason and that reason too neocities sometimes BANNING people for no reason and e.g my friends get blocked and CANNOT login in to his account after one day account making so that would be my prevention that happen to me so thinking host of my website in another universe. so i like to thanks to person that visit my website (*this website*) and read this along my boring text im sorry xD..

Okay so this is my second WEBSITE and this is my Youtube Channel